Saturday, March 20, 2010

wondering a way

Friday, 3/19 — 6:41 am

Merriam-Webster’s “Word of the Day”: wanderlust

My way into spring will be magniloquent.

Friday / Saturday

Idealism is good. But it doesn’t presume actuality of the ideal.
It’s not a given by which others are evaluated. My idealism is
aspirational for myself, so I don’t regard myself as some exemplar
of ideality actualized. I want to be influential, but I don’t expect it.

I regard ideality as part of a pragmatic engagement integrating a sense of realism (e.g., ordinary prudence, proper respect for factuality) with that ideality—both understood in light of each other, feasibility vis-à-vis prospecting.

Anyone would be glad to be influential. But that’s not my primary interest presently. Though one purpose of online writing is an interest in audience (thus, accessibility), I know I’d likely be more enjoyable if
I was more oriented to accessibility than I am on Webpages.
(I’m anticipating more abstractness.) Eventually, I’ll be better about that—after satisfying myself (my near-term interests in conceptual prospecting). Sharing a journal of development—which the entire Website might be (not this blogging)—isn’t intended to imply transparency, but it’s more acccessible than writing offline purely for my own benefit (perhaps undoing philosophical claims that there can’t be
a private language—no). Satisfying my own conceptual interests online isn’t inconsiderate, as it’s partly for the sake of thinking about audience and appropriation. But I’m very aware that I could do much more to make sense, rather than being so interested in registering what already makes good sense for me.

I should add that I’ve been addicted to the health care legislative process in Washington.

This blog more or less pretends that the rest of the world hardly exists beyond what interests me here. But I’m very aware of each day’s leading news, though distanced by wonderlust.