Friday, February 24, 2023

days go by

Today, Earth has rounded the sun full circle since Putin began his 19th century thrust into Ukraine via 20th century toys of slaughter and waves of Russian boys who slaughter on command like Nazi camp guards, succeeded by more hordes of boys now shoved into being slaughtered, while precisely-aimed  missiles target Ukrainian families.

A more policy-oriented attitude is expressed by me tonight at the NYTimes here.

Friday, February 17, 2023

winter 2023

I haven’t made time for a worthwhile update for tomorrow. Sorry.
I’m doing difficult conceptual work which doesn’t yet have a casual online mode.

My harping about humanity in recent weeks has been to clarify a practical background (“What’s the point?”) for upcoming conceptual discussions.

Feb. 3

After a week and a half, I can now sneeze without feeling stabbed. Meanwhile, I’ve gotten lots of desk work done (sneezed rarely), though I’ve moved around like an old guy near death, afraid to breath deeply, unable to sleep on my left side, pained to reach for anything, abused by my rib cage when I walk, and so on.

So, on. I have lots of stuff to share, but nothing yet ready to post.

Monday, February 06, 2023

an horizon of sensibility

I’ve combined (1) links to a few recent comments by me at NY Times articles, (2) a few links to earlier related postings, and (3) a short narrative about salient themes, titled “staying oriented by the better sense of Our humanity.”