Monday, July 19, 2021

So Be It

Whatever the shape “our universeis (our?)—Klein bottle, say?—
its expansion isn't happening in 4-d (space-time). It’s happening
in greater dimensionality, which We’ll never know, never comprehend.

Like a balloon inflating in 3-space over time is an expanding 2-space surface through 4-d space-time (perpendicular to the 2-d balloon surface), the surface of the Klein bottle trope is 4-d space-time itself expanding in greater dimensionality (incomprehensibly to us), perpendicular to space-time, as if “The” Universe is emergent cold clearing in quantum foam (among other Universes?).

Ultimately, We’ll never know why there’s anything rather than no Universe—a fate we share with flowers.

But they’re never chilled to their heart that “I” is.

Meanwhile, We, like honeybees, design Our scale of appreciation—yet,
We want vastly more than any other form of Earthan life: evolving
reason to live, evolving appreciability.

Saturday, July 17, 2021


Too much to do. Nothing new yet to share, but soon!

June 19

Today, my ability to get obscure is accessibly troped by “a point of flexible perspectivity,” which is secretly a meta-allegory of extended continuation of—ever fulfilling—the untitled Project, whose lineage really extends back more than two decades (which was “a larger project that has been ongoing for some years,” already in late 2009).

Monday, March 22, 2021

The Earthan Being evolves.

Evolution of the Internet has been animated, using years of images
of the actual computation of the Internet’s structure at various days.
I’ve updated a 2019 posting about that (pre-animated days), linked
to the animation, and added some speculative fun.

Saturday, March 20, 2021


He’s a character whose “freedom” of “the wealth of options” evinces “preferences” among “many paths” in a “map of many gardens” becoming “the landscape” “constellating it all.”

Funny: as if writing will capture...

Saturday, March 13, 2021


At my update today, I didn’t connote that I want freedom
to do sections of the 12 chapters in non-sequential order, relative to my ephemeral preferences and readings. So, I might as well have just said
I’ll continue posting intermittently, as if there’s no map of many gardens
and many paths for play.

I didn’t confess that Friday was a milestone for constellating it all, such that I just need to stand back from the landscape and decide where I want to go next, because the wealth of options is luscious.

Saturday, February 06, 2021


Creative process for intensive attention to Biden’s inaugural drew me first into more idealization about democratic futures, then clarifying
my sense of historical nationality and the confederated condition of global humanity, then weaving reverie into parts of Biden’s Address, which links to the futural prospecting and retrojecting.

Altogether, there’s implied a conception of political evolution, though
not overtly called that. It’s sketching, but carefully conceived, like
a painters’ sketch that’s definitive for what’s to be fleshed out later.

Now, I’m tired of political things. I ended the posting on union by avowing that “I want to enrich a conception of…bettering humanity,” which a reader would presume to be political, rightly. But secretly
my recalling there Biden’s avowal that “words matter” had literary appeals in mind, as I did also near the end of “for a world beyond throwaway words,” in August:
So much contemporary American poetry is simply worded ...because…common terms may matter profoundly. Words we hold sacred draw lives into better mapping…[and] keep the promise of good lives near to heart….that instill gravities to words worth lasting orientation of sensibility.

Friday, January 08, 2021

old student, young scholar…

They have in common deserving appreciation of their path’s integrity.

A young sociology grad (I guess) from Norway engaged seriously with a posting I did at the Facebook/Habermas Page, so I gave an evening to replying thoughtfully: His confusions portended emergence of important differentiations by his own engagement! I don’t find error in that; I find emerging self-actualization. So, I portrayed us in shared engagement.

An old scholar of Heidegger’s work—“an octogenerian,” he calls himself—invited discussion of a chapter of his long-ago published book, uploaded to his page.