Friday, August 13, 2021


Nothing new, except the home page brief update.

July 31

The work I’m consolidating offline has gotten so tedious that boredom—even though I truly want to get to closure—gets me distracted by en-
chantments about the nature of the universe (below) and speculations about Absolute Others (July 31 there), which probably harms my credibility.

June 19

Today, my ability to get obscure is accessibly troped by “a point of flexible perspectivity,” which is secretly a meta-allegory of extended continuation of—ever fulfilling—the untitled Project, whose lineage really extends back more than two decades (which was “a larger project that has been ongoing for some years,” already in late 2009).

June 12

I’m nearly finished with my thematic architecture (or theme-ology, themalogy?) I’ll write in light of, the next few years.

But the point of writing isn’t to explicate an intricate scaffold, just as describing a safari map isn’t the point of a travelogue. Yet, both may be vital for returning to a Purposeful Path from unanticipated wandering.

So, I feel that after tomorrow, I’ll want some days of doing nothing,
in order to find the light beginning I want, sometime next week, I hope.

May 29

I’m immersed in aspects of notes I didn’t recall as thick growth.

So it goes. I love the safari.

I don’t want to take time for an explanatory postcard.

But thanks for being.

May 22

I expect to begin next week. That may seem repetitious at first, as if everything past was lost, and so I’m starting all over again. But it’s like waking: The new day is like yesterday because all’s well.

Some too familiar dance of life merely continues, thank you!

Yet, maybe tomorrow’s little odyssey will see better advents drawing themselves into a milestone of my month.

Maybe there will be better dramatic sense to enjoyment of pretenses and unprecedented times. Maybe common uncanniness won’t daunt graciousness.

Hope and promise of fulfillment will elude resignation.

Venturing and gathering will enhance my gardening enough.

April 24

No update yet, other than the note at my homepage.

(Happy birthday last Tuesday, A.)