Monday, December 26, 2022

I know, Alice

The writer easily feels being too many mirrors of others’ “writing” you into their lives, not only concealing you from them—by their unwitting need for you to be a mirror of their sense of self in their own lives—but also putting you into an immense loneliness of plural being.  

So, creative characterization may be not only art, bur therapeutic in ways which few others understand.  

True love sees the plurality of you as your authemtic manifold of being with others as oneSelf, which best friends of youth, then True loves, cherish purely.  

Though suffering the end of that is cause for “endless” mourning, art can turn longing into lasting gratitude for trust and love you were lucky to have lived.

Saturday, December 17, 2022

autumn 2022

End of semester. The “children” are returning to where they came from. The quiet around the area outside returns the street to being a neighbor-
hood. I feel a faint thrill along with faint melancholy about the turn of
the year.

This period of weeks has long been an open mystery about what the annual change of seasons will evince for writing. I don’t know now whether or not I’ll have new material to share before early January. I may suddenly want to add a lot. Probably not—or maybe.

Anyway, I’ve been doing a lot of writing offline, so I expect even better during the weeks ahead.

I’m happy.

Saturday, December 10, 2022

mirror of a musement

The senses of creativity I’ve improvised during the past decade were always afterthoughts irt work that evinced the thoughts. Wondering about creativity itself is no source of creative work. Creativity doesn’t emerge from a conception of creativity.

Then, concentrating on cohering it all doesn’t lead to more creative work other than the coherence being creative (or meta-creative). So,
a creative approach to understanding creativity may emerge.

The senses of you as muse I’ve improvised during the past decade were always preludes to work that resulted. Prospecting you as such was an afterthought to the mirroring which you inspired. But, dwelling in that did lead to more musing.

So, love of your musement was creative.