Saturday, August 01, 2020


I forget postings as a matter of course, wanting to move on. I may happen to skim an old posting, but impatiently because I don’t want to get drawn back into a moment of life I’ve left. I’m like a painter who finishes something as if only to start a new canvas

Past weeks of work have been very rewarding. But I’m in thick woods, unready to report out, while my self-imposed Saturday update began to haunt on Wednesday, feeling intrusive Thursday, and now here. 

All the deadlining, though, is good for coming up with something.

“Tell us where you are now, or you’ll be abandoned.”

As if I haven’t abandoned myself countless times for the sake of cherished solitude.

So, he comments on another NYTimes article and does another confessional posting; then returns to his offline thicket of words.