Saturday, August 27, 2016

free association

Creative process is too complicated to discuss briefly (as I
noted August 13).

Free association goes where it may, regardless of thematic constraints. This is good, but it can cause a very broad—apparently unmanageable—array of notes. Suppose that over time, interests have gravitated into 10 areas. That itself is an emergence that could lead to pages of discussion (i.e., a genealogy of thematic gravities; a genesis of theme-ology).

Suppose (for the sake of present points) that each of the resultant 10 areas (in light of time’s gravities) has evolved around 10 foci per area, such that free association at a given time (while I’m out walking, 3x5 notepad in back pocket; or while I’m at my desk doing whatever) likely pertains to any of the 100 or so foci. I don’t take time to organize things; I make a note and move on.