Friday, March 17, 2023

an offroad moment of defense

Noting playful resignation toward others’ low interest in technical enchantments should belong to anyone drawn into a specialty, best masked genuinely by giving time to talk/write about those special things to whatever degree an interested person wants.

Doctors of medicine standardly explain client situations patiently until the patient client’s confusion or dismay (or panic, etc.) returns to trust, and one moves on to what’s next to be done.

The scientific writer sketches a landscape of figurative explanation for phenomena which are mathematical, biophysical, etc., at a degree suitable for a typical subscriber. Then, the reader moves on to another page.

Saturday, March 11, 2023

road note

My playful stance toward others’ wanting complex understanding easily masks my resignation toward normal aversion to a path which gets difficult.

Not that I expect “you” to tag along the road with me; I just wish others’ apparent interest in understanding what’s appealing to me didn’t wane so quickly.

But, all in all, I don’t mind. I’ve always felt I’m on my own, as they say—original? I don’t presume. Idiosyncratic? I hope not.

Fortunately, I have a healthy sense of humor.