Saturday, March 11, 2023

road note

My playful stance toward others’ wanting complex understanding easily masks my resignation toward normal aversion to a path which gets difficult.

Not that I expect “you” to tag along the road with me; I just wish others’ apparent interest in understanding what’s appealing to me didn’t wane so quickly.

But, all in all, I don’t mind. I’ve always felt I’m on my own, as they say—original? I don’t presume. Idiosyncratic? I hope not.

Fortunately, I have a healthy sense of humor.

Anyway, I’m dwelling this week with parts of Joseph Rouse’s Articulating the World; conceptual understanding and [“science”], which endeavors “to understand how to make sense of a scientific conception of nature as itself part of nature, scientifically understood.”

I say “parts of…Articulating…” because he’s proffering a conception of conceptuality which interests me; but I’m not primarily interested in meta-science now (yet; but later, intensively).