Friday, March 17, 2023

an offroad moment of defense

Noting playful resignation toward others’ low interest in technical enchantments should belong to anyone drawn into a specialty, best masked genuinely by giving time to talk/write about those special things to whatever degree an interested person wants.

Doctors of medicine standardly explain client situations patiently until the patient client’s confusion or dismay (or panic, etc.) returns to trust, and one moves on to what’s next to be done.

The scientific writer sketches a landscape of figurative explanation for phenomena which are mathematical, biophysical, etc., at a degree suitable for a typical subscriber. Then, the reader moves on to another page.

A subtext here (and with last week’s “notes”) is that I am sensitive to audience, like a performer (or professor) should be in their act (or class).

I am coy about what I’m doing because I need to not take my love so seriously that exasperation with difficulty gets the better of me; and so that writing stays unpretentious (not as well as it might, I know).

Also, I live with likely seeming idiosyncratic which entails that I deserve to be ignored—which is quite OK, since I’m confident that my time is well spent. But that’s more reason for humility.

“Here’s more to share: improvisations from a well-formed, albeit tacit, wayfaring.”

All in all, figurative writing as such is important for understanding conceptuality. Special domains are usually translated (by the doctor, the scientific writer, etc.). That engagement through figurative concepts expresses a Janus-faced condition of the concepts used; so, inquiry into conceptuality faces that, faces that, as well as needing to face the character of its own engagement with conceptual engagements.

There is a manifold of interfacing: within a specialty, for the inquiring (topically and self-reflectively), and between all that and cogent sharing.

So, inquiring minds want to know: What’s to be done with traditional longing to know the “nature” of some interest? What’s really gained by understanding cogently for oneself and for others a highly specialized interest in realism which ultimately lives with insurmountable bound-
aries, such as the quantum level of space-time or the inaccessibility of the beginning and scale of The Universe? What can be the Truth of so-called “truth” for Our evolving way of being?

Inasmuch as such questions can’t be finally resolved, lots can be learned about the interests of high views, in order to understand as much as possible, notwithstanding one’s own limits of understanding.

How far, high, deep, and immanently can one credibly fare; and how can one make best use of time writing home?