Friday, December 31, 2021

avoiding autobiography

I have no idea how many letters and emails I’ve done that contain passages which could be usefully extracted for use elsewhere.

Saturday, December 18, 2021

autumn leaves

Welcome, lovely solitude for longer, easier work times, since the college kids (undergrads) are gone from neighborhood ambiance for a whole month.

Dec. 16

Days go by… “saga of crafting life” (below) resulted from dwelling with a singer’s particular song which was evidently in the wake of a broken love. My non sequiturs respond to specific points in her song.

My occasioned posting on Heidegger, “engaged being,“ coincidently complements my above pretense of sagacity.

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

saga of crafting life

to a heart-healing folk singer in Kentucky
whose music is renewing her—and 
she also thinks of California

The myths are too many to gather into a singular splendor of hope and home. Though myth itself is easily disrobed as such, longing for grand light never wanes.

We grow into a horizon that nevertheless recedes, as more new horizon—which is good: We’re drawn to grow on in our path.

I don’t feel that being more careful is often the way to gain more enlightenment. We need risk. It’s a challenge of balance: creative solitude, love for others—wanting to be loved for doing one’s best
to flourish in the balancing act: one’s life alone duly honored; life with “you” duly loved.