Monday, September 15, 2014

among earthlings

“Fun finding” flowers, though too there’s fun “finding flowers.”
Yet, it’s Flow that’s fun; so, Flow-ers are fun to find, Flow in flourishing, such flowering.

My fun, of course, has been an alledgedly high flowering in conceptual gardening, a trope that has seen its day.

Yet, epochal flowering can happen. So, I want to find such hybrids and bring them home.

Meanwhile, I had fun today glossing a sense of literary living.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

fun finding flowers

Thinking of Wally, who has ALS, but doesn’t know I know. Earlier today, before I knew, I responded to an unrelated news article by him, after he sent me his e-mail address in reply to my query to his paper. This was before I googled to find more articles by him about Asheville, NC (since I, too, grew up in the Old South); and found him taking care to ensure that others will carry on, November, 2011. So, at least three years after his knowing he had ALS, he’s still writing!—enthusiastically. Maybe it’s common that deterioration is slow, so I shouldn’t be surprised…. Recalling also Stephen Hawking and a fluttering eye.