Monday, August 19, 2013

prospecting a conception of cognitive artistry

Sunday, 10:53 pm

I had fun writing to a philosopher in Germany, Matthias Vogel, today (in English) about his recently-translated Media of Reason, reviewed last week by someone. I suppose that Vogel will balk at the excessiveness of my enthusiasm. But we may be somewhat kindred in spirit.

Anyway, to update you on my explorations must not be regarded as vanity, because it’s just a desire to share what I’m doing—because I believe in the integrity of the exploration. I’m not presuming you’re interested, and I’m not soliciting.

But I’m enjoying myself. Status update: flourishing, happy, fascinated—and often frustrated by the 24-hour turn of Earth, my need for sleep, chores that are necessary distractions, and failure to provide more substantive news to you. Also, I’m sorry that I won’t take time to mediate or explicate what I report, but I can promise to make considerate sense of it all for you someday.

I believe I’ve said that before, about promised explications.

I’m still relatively young (the elderly like to believe).


That posting—“kindred in spirit”—is very long. I’m not going to extend it. If Matthias replies, it’ll become part of new posting. I’ll use what I did yesterday for extracting themes for elsewhere later. Online work is all part of creative process.