Saturday, February 06, 2021


Creative process for intensive attention to Biden’s inaugural drew me first into more idealization about democratic futures, then clarifying
my sense of historical nationality and the confederated condition of global humanity, then weaving reverie into parts of Biden’s Address, which links to the futural prospecting and retrojecting.

Altogether, there’s implied a conception of political evolution, though
not overtly called that. It’s sketching, but carefully conceived, like
a painters’ sketch that’s definitive for what’s to be fleshed out later.

Now, I’m tired of political things. I ended the posting on union by avowing that “I want to enrich a conception of…bettering humanity,” which a reader would presume to be political, rightly. But secretly
my recalling there Biden’s avowal that “words matter” had literary appeals in mind, as I did also near the end of “for a world beyond throwaway words,” in August:
So much contemporary American poetry is simply worded ...because…common terms may matter profoundly. Words we hold sacred draw lives into better mapping…[and] keep the promise of good lives near to heart….that instill gravities to words worth lasting orientation of sensibility.