Saturday, March 28, 2020

being a life of artistry

What a pleasure to be a NYTimes “Pick” at comments on an article
I loved reading. Of the editors’ few picks, out of over 400 comments,
I’m the last word!

Now, not to burden you with intricacies, please bear with me to a figurative (non-intricate) end.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

fairly aiming

Gorgeous days have come to Berkeley, just as the Covid-19 scare causes Cal’s botanically-lush campus to become as quiet as spring break.

I completed the “set of aims” that I mentioned March 6, but went to bed last night a little despaired about how I could do anything with it briefly for an update here.

This morning, I became enchanted by an astronomy article in the NYTimes, which caused me to spend the morning writing exotically
to the author, David Overbye. Then, I turned that into a blog posting,
for astro-science funding—then beyond.”

What to do with the elaborate organization of notes that express the set of aims remains to be seen. But the thematic distance from the “way post...” below (textist) to “—then beyond” (cosmic) tropes the scale of my aims.

Monday, March 09, 2020

way post up for words

A new post, above the one before (above the one before (above the one before…)) allegorizes increasing departure (going up as pathing forward). Reading down the list as going back and disclosing implicit presumption by what’s above: that the writing has already lived what going down recalls.

With diaries, a reader opens to the beginning and reads into the future. With blogging, a reader opens to the present and increasingly (reading down) finds a past.

Yet, the writer’s present is implicitly drawing itself into an anticipatory path.