Monday, March 09, 2020

way post up for words

A new post, above the one before (above the one before (above the one before…)) allegorizes increasing departure (going up as pathing forward). Reading down the list as going back and disclosing implicit presumption by what’s above: that the writing has already lived what going down recalls.

With diaries, a reader opens to the beginning and reads into the future. With blogging, a reader opens to the present and increasingly (reading down) finds a past.

Yet, the writer’s present is implicitly drawing itself into an anticipatory path.

Is the appeal of implicity its incipient futurity, or its apparent past?

What receding horizon of living futurity may be implicit in woods of words?

What receding horizon of retrojective reconstructiveness—“the” past
which is merely a past—may be construed from going back?

Past echoes in depths of futural horizons orienting appeals of
turning back.

But there is no beginning construable. Fossilists find dim traces
of hominids having wandered, millions of years ago, inestimable
woods unwittingly born from Earth’s billions of years
now entertained by a species longing to capture more than It All,
as if to comprehend Alling, which happens to seduce conceivability
into its furthering, enowning Our evolving as best one can.