Tuesday, August 15, 2023

path marking

Cycle 1: 2009—2011
Cycle 2: 2016—mid-2017
Cycle 3: 2018 and merging Cycles 1 and 2
Cycle 4: 2019—2022
Cycle 5: 2023—

I began Internet writing near the beginning of its general public availability as the Web, firstly (and heavily) in academic email discussions of Jürgen Habermas’s work (a specialty I evolved during earlier decades), while I learned basic (very basic) Web page formatting and did lots of blogging....

That eventually caused a division of online writing interest which was Habermasian, but also creatively prospective (blogging and Cycle 1 above).

I owned two urls and didn’t link anything from gedavis.com (the Habermasian site, whose early years are logged at “discursive living”) with creative prospecting via cohering.net (and “other blogs“).

Both sites evolved separately. But in recent years, I’ve increasingly linked discussions between sites, and now I post to a g.com (or related blog) if the topic feels external worldly (or very publicly oriented); and c.net (or related blog) if the topic feels personal.

So, Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 of the Project were unconnected to g.com work of that period. Cycle 3 merged discussions of both sites in a table of contents which paralleled the top-level organization of Cycle 4.

As of today, Cycle 5 has barely begun, but it’s the first stage of development which is gradually representing a Project plan which developed in detail over recent years, as very compressed notes (organized at 2-to-6 levels) which need elaboration into shareable discussions. The eventual Project table of contents will have 3-to-5 (?) levels of topics and sub-topics.

Meanwhile, I have no idea what improvisations I’ll want to do, but my evolved plan seems to cover every mode of interest I’ve had over the past few years (including exotic and confessional interests [but not including a confessional blog which is only accessible if you have the url from me via email).

So, I expect that whatever I feel like doing will find a home in one of my blogs, or be a topic for Cycle 5 of “the Project currently”; or be a g.com topic area or posting for a directly-related blog.

By the way, I don’t have an accurate sense of how many pages I have online, but if you considered a “page” to be a normal MSWord document of text (~800 words?), then I currently have over 3,000 pages online.