Friday, August 25, 2023

building from a ground shared,
not made foundational

My conceptual venturing has prevailing interest in usefulness rather than showing expert fidelity to academic topics (which I can do; being practical eludes many scholars).

So, giving time to narrative about ordinary life expresses shared ground (maybe oddly so, for my part) prior to venturing which is very different (but to be shared), which isn’t abandoning (let alone devaluing) ordinary life by pursuing specialist topics, because returning to practicality is always my aim.

Concepts and themes about ordinary life (or any focus) are, to me, aspects of feasilbly useful—and usefully applicable—analysis for actual venues which matter, not for seeking Positions (or “ontic” pretenses) wanting admiration.

That said, upcoming postings will be more themically analytical and focused on some specific aspect of a conceptual landscape which doesn’t have an online prospectus; so, the Point may seem absent. Aspects will constellate from the sequence of topics, probably as if they have (or: as if It has) no practicality. But I have a practical horizon in mind, which time will attest and detail.  

Postings seem to emerge in small sets (with weeks lacking new postings) because I’m making main topics from component topics, and provisionally main topics will become componential. The ultimate scale of my unnamed project (“the Project currently”) is quite large.