Saturday, December 17, 2022

autumn 2022

End of semester. The “children” are returning to where they came from. The quiet around the area outside returns the street to being a neighbor-
hood. I feel a faint thrill along with faint melancholy about the turn of
the year.

This period of weeks has long been an open mystery about what the annual change of seasons will evince for writing. I don’t know now whether or not I’ll have new material to share before early January. I may suddenly want to add a lot. Probably not—or maybe.

Anyway, I’ve been doing a lot of writing offline, so I expect even better during the weeks ahead.

I’m happy.

Dec. 9

I’ve been immersed in a creative approach to understanding creativity, well aware that understanding creativity doesn’t make one creative. But given enthused engagement which might be called “creative” by others (being at least novel, if not durably interesting), it’s fun to draw together all the senses of creativity I’ve improvised during the past decade and do concentrated organization of it all. The fun but difficult result is beyond cogent synopsis.

Now, I’m dwelling with academic research on creativity by some leading minds in order to enhance my understanding and discover solidarities.

Dec. 2

I’m enjoying the path I indicated Nov. 18 and Nov. 5 below, which presently has no fairly brief synopsis.

Nov. 18

Well, yes, I am making good progress through the forest, but depicting that now would distract me too much from enjoying my adventure.

Nov. 5

Through recent days, I’ve been  exploring far away from a focus on love as such. Yet that’s also deeply into love’s appeal: not about itself, but about the life loved or who’s loved: being better the more that one’s engaged in being, not largely through reflections about being engaged (though that, too, is part of loving: thoughtfulnes, openness to learning to be better).

Soon, I’ll discuss research on intelligence, on high creativity, others’ literary audacity, others’ leading conceptions of Truth, philosophical pragmatics, virtue, moral progress, and recent literature on futuring humanity. 

Wayfaring soberly through all that, I’ll also keep humility about my insatiable curiosity, though some audacity seems unavoidable.