Tuesday, March 09, 2010

value of individuation

I don’t regularly go back in my blogs’ recent archives looking for threads, though I know I’ll find some when I do.

I’ve posted so seldom to “conceptual prospecting” that I might think there’s not much thread to be found. In fact, I hadn’t given the matter thought until a few moments ago when I wanted to find a posting that had associated interest in art with interest in individuality as such. No problem; I found it.

At that blog recently (relatively), a note on valuing is followed by a note on feeling, followed by a note on meaning of life, conceptual reverie, discursive reading, and a note on selfidentity. There’s at least a spirit of interest in high individuation exhibited that anticipates my upcoming focus on the theme of individuation as such—which is no frivolous or elitist leisure (though it will be somewhat eccentric) as the interest relates (I would argue, down the road) indirectly and directly to fundamental issues of life: understanding (albeit abstractly) the individuality of a good quality of life (high individuality, yet…); high aims of education; bases of ethical life; career satisfaction; aims of mental health services; purposes that sustain cultural values; finely artistic lives; character of creativity—I could extend the list. What I do (or will do), be it eccentric or not, is part of our humanity’s ecology of voices, perhaps, in understanding why we—some of us, I, at least—love life.