Wednesday, March 24, 2010

individuational writing on individuation

Well, finally, the “individuation” section of the “conceptuality...” project is done. It’s intended to be read as is, without some background explanation. But I can’t let well enough alone, I guess. I’ve posted a background explanation.

Actually, 50% or so of what I wrote on individuation this past week-or-so got removed: notes on historical and academic background of the notion, a promissory note on developmental background (as theory, not as autobiography), distinguishing individuation from autonomy, framing an unrelated notion of sociocentric individuality, proffering a sense of subjective validity, and showing anxious confusion about the elusiveness of generalizing about something that’s always existential, really individual. All that will turn up later in separate postings, I guess. Today’s work on individuation is supposed to read without allusion to all that, without the background posting, without this posting.