Saturday, July 04, 2020


I finished my cherished project, “Spring Points,” which implicitly alludes to the sections being bases (backgrounding) for later work. Yet, I also have “secret” interest in constellating which is phenomenally troped by pointillistic thinking in art.

Night neighbors the stars.”

June 20

I need to let the June 20 home page update at be
the update here.

Hellooo, summer.

June 6

At a religion-oriented NYTimes article against Dumpy Trumpy, June 2,
I briefly (by comment there) honor a sense of humanity that’s intrinsic to all religions and integral to authentic political leadership.

Obliquely titled “being of the point in a life,” a posting yesterday, begins a new project, to be an ordered set of prospective topics that move into ambitious conceptual prospecting in terms of selected others’ scholarship.

There’s another posting at the confessional blog today. That’s ten for 2020 so far.

May 30

You too can figure into Democratic National Committee’s strategic thinking—as fantasy bond, at least (May 29 here).

May 23

There’s note of forgettable animus toward forgettable Trump (updated May 29).

May 9

I finished a set of three long postings—introduced on a Project page: “being one Self”—which implicitly initiate a new period of Project writing.

And I honored the 75th VE Day with historical musing.