Sunday, June 28, 2020


Wording words in days going by…
Is want of novelty the point of narrative play?
Some solitude of high flourishing, love of, in creative living
reads another for literary venturing of comprehensive
inspiration, authoriality reserved
in authorship, more Earthly dancing

psychality again” last May was “a preface to pursuing [protean appeal] relative to some leading minds.” And so the appeal is pursued, troping a preferred American humanity, a bibliophilic worldliness of my life this season, though curated over several years.

Reaching back into tens of voices from among hundreds in my library (among thousands of my life) prefaces already developed venturing for later: ever more opening in ultimate Openness to—whatever.

I set a calendrical boundary to Part 3 of “Spring Points”—what results in four days of being there (late June)—because I want to move on.

—> beginning of Part 3