Saturday, February 03, 2018

sundry gardening

I’m devoted to my love of writing—I’m serious—but the point of life is fun. So, I have serious fun.

Love you, wording!

Seriousness of devotion to appreciability calls for humility of pretense.

There’s no sacrilege in lightness about enlightening woods.

Call me license of happy old age there.

Hear: We are each other’s window, each’s mirror.

However, I need this posting to be explicative: explaining what “sundry gardening” is.

With respect to genealogy of Things I wrote in light of lost occasions, 2004—2011, became part of four improvised project areas that only later became grouped as a cycle of Areas, when I grouped later excursions as Cycle 2.

For example: A “living well” group became the first cycle of later “living well” work. If you click the “home” button of “living well,” Cycle 1, it goes to “living well” Cycle 2. which became one of four Cycle 2 Areas).

So, organization of it all (2004—2017)—and more: every valuable blog posting, both Web sites—into “sundry gardening” can cause confusion with retained header button of

The Cycle 1 “home” links to its Cycle 2 version. The Cycle 2 page “home” is the Cycle 3 introduction for “sundry gardening.”

So, if you get lost (and don’t want to resort to your “back” button many times), clicking the “home” button a couple of times will return you to the Cycle 3 page, which also has a prominent “sundry gardening” button. And the “s.g.” page links to both site home pages, and

To a reader arriving here from Progressive practice (“in a world”) presumes conceptual background (“descent: midlanding”), which presumes development of conceptuality (“of worlding”), which is itself a venue of inquiry (“Love ascending.”) about development of potential and formative process. Possible scientific artistry from that presumes a creative life that has its own character, born of wholly enthralled engagements.

Yet, the mindful heart of a highland is writing itself—seafaring waves for finding good new ways.

And posting from waypoints—ascending, flying, landscaping, descending—home. Then going on.

All the postings in “sundry gardening” didn’t happen with anticipation of the topic groups they are now gathered into.

The sets of 16 new project Areas tropes The Project that remains its own evolving woods.

So, “sundry gardening” provides a unifying sense of earlier explorations and prospecting relative now to topics of Areas that will be integral to going on, to furthering clarity of woolly time in tropigenic woods.

Thanks for your interest.