Sunday, February 25, 2018

...then winter imposed again.

I’m not ready to say more about Cycle 4 of The Project than I did last week.

The Feb. 8 g.comsense of site” was enhanced yesterday.

I’m immersed in months of unread news stories (background for “being in Time” writing at, including lots of “comments” to articles online (mostly to the NYTimes—archived for someday use, I guess; also at Washington Post articles; and PBS News Hour via Disqus).

I wrote a long letter to the CEO of The American Association for the Advancement of Science, of which I’m a member. I made that into
a posting.

I’ll spend the next week organizing tens of books into sequenced groupings for topical writing in coming months. One might believe that I’d done enough of that in past years, but the process is complicated, a matter of the evolving Project, which affects final constellating of readings relative to recently-derived topics in terms of the years of improvisations… For good reason, then: “sense of site” ends calling The Project a “process philology.”