Saturday, January 27, 2018


One more week? No more than two: I’m formatting listings, no longer doing text editing. I never bothered to count how many pages I’ve accumulated. I’m aghast that it’s 850+ Webpages and postings. Over the years, when I finished something, I didn’t much go back to it. I moved on to whatever’s next, and had no idea of the volume of work done.

January 13

I finished merging the two Websites, as I’d planned (not online yet); but then realized that much of the best writing I’ve done the past decade has been part of this blog (not including the many update notes that more-or-less announce and link to work elsewhere). That’s hundreds of postings, which has turned out to be a lot of work, since many links were no longer valid, and formatting has been improved.

Dec. 30

I’m aiming now to have merged and
by mid-January, relative to a new 16-area conception of the Project that spans both sites—connects both—intimately; and is the result of a decade of work. The new Project organization will integrate all of the blogs of both sites and serve me well in new work for several years.

A joy for me is that the new organization and integration of past work is the culmination of a continuum of development spanning the past decade, which is a great reassurance to me that I’ve been on the path I truly sought all along.

1:50 pm update: Amazing, some of the things he wrote, e.g., a long posting, April 2007, soon after losing his car, wrecked irreparably (costing more to repair than the salvage value of the old car) by a bicyclist, over a year before he met you: “surface structure, deep whatever.”

October 21

(Ah! I see in the footer of the document I’m enthralled with
that it currently is composed of 166,656 words.
I’m organizing the notes into many, many [yet uncountable—
hundreds of] subtopics within many tens of main topics
within 11 Areas.

Aren’t you glad to know that?)

Here: something from the summer of 2012 I happened across in “life world,” while working with derivative notes. I’ve done so much already! (The “so much” troped thereyears and years—was exactly one month before I bolted from The Department forever, 5 years and 2 months ago.)

October 14

More now than that “the appropriation is emotionally eerie”; it’s uncanny. He’s so beyond me, I have trouble imagining I’m him.

“Must go on, no time to write home. Hurry before fire destroys everything not yet safe in The Cloud.”

October 7

One’s body is the real scaffolding of being alive (beyond merely one’s skeleton). The scaffolding of a building isn’t really the stuff surrounding the installation of its skin. It’s all of that which structural engineering attends to.

Writerly project development is its own kind of structural engineering, in fidelity to archetextual designing which, in my case, stays designing while thematic scaffolding gains clarity here-and-there.

Over the years, The Project (which I now call “the Work) has evolved a body wholly unlike my earlier sense of designing (i.e., the four Areas, as they actually grew).

But now, years of material for that writing online (distinct from is being reorganized relative to the scaffolding of the Work.

The appropriation is emotionally eerie—and as such, is beyond tropes, because the Work weaves ultimate concerns into an elaborate conception (derived over many years) of high flourishing, conceptual creativity, discursive formation, and contemporaneity. Yet, no one life can embody It All; only engage with audacity honestly, with humility, and hope that writing of my little life can be worth your time—because I presently feel unworthy of the horizons I venture to master.

Later, though, I feel okay again.

Sept. 23

I’m trekking through a large landscape of notes, going back several years, and it’s going well.