Wednesday, April 14, 2010

midland days

I make notes offline to a variably larger extent than writing online (let us hope). I sometimes put here what interests me during the day to have online (daynotes), and postings are part of a piecemeal journal toward actualizing a large-scale project (or Project) already largely realized, yet
not actualized online. My web pages sometimes echo the Project—accessibly, I hope (though one might smirk at my sense of accessibility sometimes). I’m quite aware, posting here and there, of being drawn into trying to represent conceptual aspects of the Project, rather than staying within the anticipated scope of the posting. Postponing that gratification is like distancing any gratification for the sake of greater pleasure or reward (as investment) up the road to my back as I write for posting.
It’s an Appropriative condition (now quite distanced from Habermasian sociocentrism), a midlanding relative to a sense of developmental climb that any discursive venture is, if only as a matter of coherent presentation, but also with respect to an unknown reader living, like any of us, amid developmental eras of understanding, higher in one domain than another, yet all weaving your individuality.

Anyway, this blog, other blogs, and the website are vinings centripetally drawn to weave an emergent pathway unpresumed; so, to that extent written for a future reader that I am not yet.

The ongoing, though piecemeal, emergence is not the road—at best an introduction, yet always a reminder that, for my part, learning draws me neverendingly.