Friday, December 01, 2023

autumn 2023

No update, but you see below (Nov. 23, 24, 25) that a lot has appeared during the past couple of weeks. I expect a lot more to share this month.

Nov. 25

New discussions are coming soon. Concepts and themes from recent years which are especially important to me will be developed in new ways, with readings of very relevant texts of recent major scholars brought into explorations.

I have a long road mapped ahead, not dependent on what’s been done. Rather, past work online was anticipatory at the time it was done.

I’ve had a prevailing sense of the Project for many years, though offline articulation of its recursive cyclicity—its generativity—has evolved.

Oct. 28

I have no apt words for how endless news about so much psychotic savagery against Our “shared” humanity is exhausting me because I feel duty to know all I can about the suffering of survivors who can’t turn away.

Who am I to be worn down, in comfortable distance, relative to innumerable surviving others’ unbearable loss of everything.

Oct. 14

Though wishful thinking about the Hamas-Israeli conflict can’t be realistic, given the fog of information and history, We must hope that Our humanity prevails.

Over the years, I’ve failed to realize that my frequent links to Times articles and comments are valid only for subscribers! Sorry about that, but subscription is worth the cost. (I’ve never used social media “news” feeds—Facebook, Twitter.)

Oct. 6

I don’t believe you want a paragraph on creative process, but all I can share so far is a road note:

My project on value conceptuality has integrated notes from a decade of mixed-note pages—hundreds of pages relating to tens of projects— but the resulting 153 pages of pertinent themes and dense paragraphs aren’t the near-term scaffold for any accessible narrative. So, I need another week or more before beginning to present cogent parts which will gradually (over some years, I guess) accumulate into a large-scale coverage—while other projects are also developing. My years-old trope of “conceptual gardening” remains apt.

Sept. 23

This season, I expect to do a lot online irt value conceptuality (normally called “value theory”) which I’ve discussed explicitly, though briefly (2009, 2018, 2022). But, over the years, much of what I’ve done online has been about what’s particularly valuable to me, beyond the trivial fact that whatever a person gives attention to expresses what’s worthwhile. All along, what I give attention to has contributed to an eventual conception of value as such.

I want to move away from especially political value, because I’ve given so much attention to that over the years; and 2024 will be a very political year. But I won’t avoid political advents which are especially appealing.