Friday, September 08, 2023

summer 2023

A narrative path over many years is a kind of extended care for being, though sometimes seeming more like alien distance of a mind possessed by its textuality—an odd cohering of ordinary life indeed: such conceptual prospecting of belonging in mystery.

August 11

Ah, summer. Let there be all manner of creative excess: discursive emails to misguided elderly professors (but appreciating their genuineness of engagement).

“Learning never ends,” you know, even for senior scholars—including myself, as I’d gladly be the first to admit my own misguidedness, when validly shown to me. But the showing hasn’t been attempted (while I’ve amply carried on, across the years).

Anyway, unshared excess has been fruitful, the past few weeks: closing in on extended devotion to online, Web site-oriented writing again.

Though my promises of that may seem to stay mere promises, I will come through. I’ll be true.

July 29

an anomie of ordinary luck in a time of heat and war.

Friday, July 17, 9;47 PM: I’m so busy. I’ll get an update done here by Sunday.

Monday, 910.20 AM PM: I didn’t make it, obviously. But I got a lot of reading and writing done.