Saturday, December 19, 2020

turn of the year and all

I feel a new era of life in light of the coming new year. “An Earthanity” is a news-tagged conception of beginning a long conceptual story—expressing a sense of constellated presence of days going by—and having gone by (to what end?)—in The Open, ultimately: in relation to (irt) Our geocentric ultimacy of the heliocentric reality.

Political processes dominated autumn: “political 2020” below. It couldn’t pass soon enough. “Summer time” (below) ended because summer ended, but it’s all part of a singular cohering. The “Spring Points” topics (below) were a major addition to “The Project currently.”

spring 2020

Thought of being well (March) must continue in the face of pandemic (May). That’s implicit for my sense of American humanity.

September 2020

summer time: set of pages

political 2020

advancing a conception of political humanity (November) for an American politics of virtue (October)

March / September 2019

a creative life -|- this is introduced with a posting.

July 2020

Spring Points: many pages

twitter notes

I’m using one Twitter account for notices of new material here; another Twitter account for updates. Twitter is not being used for “Follow“ing, nor re-tweeting from elsewhere.