Saturday, July 13, 2019

addressing the moon about futuring humanity

So many blogs, so little time… I’ve started a new blog (the last one!), “american earthling,” which I’ve intended for many years. (I bought the url “” many years ago, but I’ve done nothing with it.)

The “progressive practice” part of “The Project currently” is done,
for this year, postponed in winter for the sake of background work.

So, one might expect something long and detailed there. Yes, I have
the notes for doing that. But I chose to be succinct, which is easy to
read as vague.

No, what I’ve done is carefully phrased. The two narratives are synoptic (in the spirit of an essay abstract, after the work is done), not prospective of what’s not yet explored.

I want to update more often (like, weekly, not monthly), but I resist that, because its extroversional character feels boring now. I want audacity in address to literary loves—strident, but introversional. I did the last two parts of “progressive practice” only as a matter of closure on the winter’s tale—which is the main reason that it’s succinct, rather than elaborate.

Offline developmental work of past months has been on the way to writing beyond “a creative life,” into Jennifer’s Life of Imagination, then beyond that.

All I’ve been is into pathing my own way, yet as if I could bring you
with me. (Well, at least I’m keeping fidelity to update promises at the confessional blog. Email me, if you don’t recall what I’m referring to.)

Monday, July 15: earlier text I forgot to add

I still don’t want to directly reference work in postings. But extroversion-meets-introversion remains inevitable for anyone interested in discussions. That must seem symptomatic of something, but really it’s merely about differences of imaginary readers.

So, my comment, at “a sense of cultural economy…” that “Late March to now, I got deeply involved with project development...” didn’t call it creative development because late March to now was about development. (Who cares? No matter. This is for my own documentation, made public, but buried far into this posting.)

Notes for near-term work sums up (MSWord) at 60 pages, which will likely transpose, through elaboration, to more than 200 MSWord-sized webpages of work. That’s a distillation from other notes (general Cycle 4 notes for The Project) which total—as unelaborated notes—at over 400 pages. So, elaborated new work online could be as much I’ve done the past decade, totally over 3,000 pages (if I don’t die before closure). Then, there would be Cycle 5.

I’m living with a sense of beginning that is, in some nebulous sense, The Beginning that “The Project currently” barely prefaces, but which my notes already detail. It’s elating to anticipate. I so love being able to continue writing.