Saturday, June 29, 2019


Nothing to add here. But the update (bottom of update post) is a little more substantive than recent weeks have been.

June 15

I feel close to continuing Project work via, but that withdraws me from work, which I don’t confess there,
other than indicating no update, not connoting even that there is another Website, though is easily “met” through, if almost any Area there is pursued (slim post-2018 content that is, so far).

It’s allegorical: If you care enough, you’ll find me. If you don’t,
no matter. I love writing for its own sake.

Anyway, I expect to post more here than a promissory note before
the “next update.”

May 25

I’m working toward new material for online, and having high fun.
But I’m in the flow of so much, I don’t know what to say briefly.
It’s very intricate conceptual work.

Also, I’m giving time to emailing persons who contact me, which slows my path, though I’m glad to be available to others.

And my volume of comments at NYTimes articles grows. I do drafts of my comments before posting, then archive each. (I might have a short book of thoughtful barbs against Trumpism, but I wouldn’t waste my own site space sharing that, though my animus tempts me. I could easily have a blog of article comments, several nontrivial rants per week.)

April 27

A clear path from humanism through literary enthusiasms to political interest in cultivating humanity is evident to me, but I presume it’s not much interesting to others (let alone evident).

No matter.

I was delighted to learn, some months back, that the great encyclopedist Diderot wrote for the future, not believing that readers of his time would understand his aspirations.

Such an attitude might be common for inquirers and artists. I don’t know. The attitude is surely good for self confidence about writing to the air.

March 30

Doing “a creative life” (Mar. 20 below) was great fun. Now, I’m back into developmental work, so I don’t anticipate doing an update for several weeks.

March 16

W. S. Merwin died yesterday. I did a short note about that, but didn’t intimate that he’s important to me.

March 9

I am having fun, which the links in postings of the past month amply attest.

The “letter to someone” unnamed at the beginning of “thinking of Heidegger teaching” is the first person I’ve happened across who is both interested in Heidegger educationally (as Assistant Professor), elaborately involved with educating educators (residing in his university’s School of Education), and interested in social policy.
He’s a good audience for my implicit melding of Heideggerian and Habermasian interests over the past couple of decades.

So, in addition to “thinking...,“ I sent him a sequenced set of links
from my years of stuff. But I clearly intimated that I’m moving on.
It’s good to see a kindred spirit, relative to past years, but
I am moving on—

—into a thoroughly different landscape. I can’t wait!

“Spring forward.” Yes!

There’s a river to evince and flow with.

Posting home soon.

You’re with me.