Saturday, January 05, 2019

turn of the year and a plight of inspired writing

The short story is that I have a lot of new material online (links upcoming). The long story is that writing process can get as tedious as this posting.

Late December, I began a set of short paragraphs to provide a good sense of what each Area of Cycle 4 of The Project is to be about. I suceeded, but “short” (e.g., “wholly flourshing”) led to much longer, preface after preface (e.g., “creative conceptuality”). This began to cause feeling need to do postings later this month that would preface what I wanted to presume for my Area prefaces now, but hadn’t introduced. So, that caused me to more or less stop earlier than I’d intended, until I get the postings done.

So, the first plight can be called retrojective: Inspired writing creates need for prefacing the prefacing. Breezy “wholly flourishing” got prefaced by hermetic “aspects of being well” because I was in the middle of very long “highly minding” when I realized need to preface a main conception that was presumed there. And I realized so much need for prefacing “philological play” that I resorted to a short preface [Jan. 12: which has been deleted because the intended version has been done].

The second plight can be called enthymematic (I like ‘enthymemic’ better, but it’s not in dictionaries): Desire to be concise or briefly accurate risks causing semantic compression that turns intent to do accessible preface into hermetic conceptual poetics.

But I’m pleased with the result. As prefaces got longer and longer, the effect is a textual mountaineering, which I didn’t intend, but it suits my spirit.

The whole thing feels so self-contained that it may become a separate piece (not basically prefaces to the Project Areas): “Turn of the year: inspiration and plight.”

I intended to finish all of the little prefaces this week. But detouring for the sake of retrojection (notes for postings upcoming later this month) and writing “against” enthymemic desire kept me in prefaces for eight of the 11 Areas that “belong” with interests. The five for will get done later this month.

So, see? Do I know tedious or what?