Sunday, February 20, 2011

humility of a venture

Originally communal idealization in a pantheon of gods (which became humanistic idealization in God) wasn’t at heart an expression of implicitly given selfidentity (not a mirrorvanity of proffered perfection), but a venture of learning—adventuring self-formative advancement (which became “progress,” which was mapped back into nature as “evolutionary”— which, by the way, ecological natural selection, as such, is not)—progressivity that would (one hoped) enrich sensibility (beyond estate!) into/unto the richest conceivable senses of sensibility—broad, deep, high sense—and educe inhabitation by found heights.

One’s belief in human perfectibility at least promoted development and cultural evolution, even though the horizon always receded.

Perfection isn’t possible, but innocence is generative.

Accordingly, I don’t consider my upcoming narrative excursions as self expression, but as presentation—renderings of venturings, reporting on exploratory inhabitation—partial reports on, so to speak, Ontogenic indwelling far away.

Laugh. I’ll laugh with you.