Sunday, February 20, 2011

days go by.3

Ironically, I’m obsessed with the news each day, yet don’t let that distract me from a venture that actually resulted, in part, from decades of obsession with the news—which, by the way, dissolved any dependence on notions that a past has clearly-causal efficacy (contrary to persons still, in effect, living in Cold War thinking), as if conceptions of history can well serve (not) understanding the emergent, evolving present out of evolving Time—though of course planetary life has inestimably definite structures and dynamics, but these are evolving in generative interplays (and mirrorplays) also evolving, just as a tangible organism has definite structure, yet thereby unpredictable plasticity.

So, the news is the news. Track it diligently enough, and you may be confident of what the narrative of our evolving is all—is all—about. But that won’t give you mastery of the future (which the gods were supposed to provide, then science).

Every day emerges from itself, not from the models that estimate its ultimately ruleless game (anyway, more fascinating in unpredictability).

A group of idiots can change the tone of an era, but tone is so much less than tapestry, which can prevail such that the effect of idiots is forgotten through a cumulative, though elusive, intelligence of the tapestry. As if suddenly, perpendicular to all presumption, an era dissolves into emerging netweaves of events, whose inter/mirrorplaying profusions seem unprecedented, if not impossible.

In retrospect, an Event might have been predictable. But it wasn’t predicted, even barely anticipated.