Monday, February 15, 2010

conceptuality of a good life

Sunday, 2/14 — 11:47 pm

Extended free time exposes the suppressed reality that my circadian rhythm doesn’t gel with the turn of the Earth. I want 27 hour days. I want to not need sleep.

Monday, 11:03 am

The day’s so pretty for you.

5:44 pm

Grow well and fruitfully. Die very old, yet thriving.

The title, “conceptuality of a good life,” feels a little comical to me, but the endeavor will be seriously pertinent to later work. It’s work in progress. Anyway, I’m glad I got it “done” and uploaded today.

My entire agenda will take years to complete! I love it.

The “conceptuality...” abstract there now will be revised and become more related to the particular heuristic topics, as each topic area goes online.

Everything I do for the Website is sketching. Everything will be revised and transformed into a very different site down the road.

Thursday, 2/18 — 8:37 am

Exuberance is a good thing, provided it stays wedded to modesty. I’ve deleted a bunch of stridency from the end of the piece, which was obscurely anticipating a large-scale venture way beyond the scope of that project.