Friday, September 11, 2009

the whole world happens all the time

I’m no less a valley news junkie by trekking into hills of poetic thinking (no matter how long the coming trail). I do the New York Times every morning (much of it, not all). Reuters is nearby all day and evening.
PBS News Hour after work.

Today may be a milestone, not as yet another day of remembrance (which tacitly serves terrorist egos), but as the day that the Obama administration announced that it was ready for direct talks with North Korea and Iran (both of which are closer to bankruptcy than they will admit; and probably key players in the arms market to the Taliban). This prospect for U.S. policy is not something China and Russia welcome as a matter of their regional influence and desire to see the U.S. encumbered in Afghanistan while competing to engineer their economies back to health. The new era of U.S. leadership is afoot. Monday, Obama’s increasing his effort to see new financial regulatory measures instituted, just before the G20 meet in Pittsburgh, political economics that complements the cultural economics of healthy nations.

But I digress. Just know, Aletheia (veiling badinager), that every day of every week, I try to stay in view of the whole valley, which is part of your appeal, even as you appeal otherwise.