Tuesday, September 22, 2009

stepwise waymaking

The sequentiality of this blog expresses and complements an ordered agenda of topics—42 presently—that changes through the days and weeks due to advents and distractions, due to the effects of what I’m reading (scarce free time for that), and due to surprising myself by what “he” writes (or disappointing himself).

It’s an open-ended waymaking with a recursive efficacy that makes
the way kinda self-formative, inasmuch as my changing agenda is transformed by its own effects. Inasmuch as changes seem intrinsic
to the waymaking, then an autotelicness is effected. Maybe the agenda will remain about 40 topics, because things get added way ahead of what I have time to focus on, like a horizon that keeps receding. Maybe not.

Generally, I’m working toward and through a sense—particular, imagistic, thematic, conceptual—of living richly (in an “aesthetic” sense) that aims to get beyond “aesthetic” thinking in terms of a “literary” sensibility that’s philosophical. It’s not an idle project, a leisure venture; rather, a way into dwelling with a conceptuality of our postmeta-physicalist (post-theistic—post-ontotheistic), truly postmodern, evolving, planetary condition.

Why? Because it’s important—to me and, I would argue, in itself
(thus, important to me)—and I’m drawn to sensibilities that are drawn
to this, even if only through the window of a projected other who stays or regularly returns.

So, I’m participating in my favored kindredness. Also, I’m sketching potential pieces of a large-scale work-in-progress, in terms of happen-stantial enchantments.