Friday, March 15, 2024

winter 2024

No update apart from what I noted today at

Mar. 2

The posting on Derrida has no obvious relation to recent obsessions about better humanity, but it’s all part of the same Project: humanism, humanities, conceptual literary interest, interest in textuality, though that series is a stretch—abstract. Yet, a reader wants enhancement of their sensibility through arts, and arts are commonly matters of our humanity.

I’ll have better updates soon.

Feb. 4

So, coming to terms with appellant horizons may lead to better ways of life and better understanding?

Time does tell. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying paths ahead, working inten-
sively with new readings of others, and too often “failing” to avoid academic emailing and commenting on news articles at the Washington Post and NYTimes. For example.

December 22

Now the season of irony, a literary archetropist might think.

But tragedies still pile on daily, autumn being an endless fall.

I have nothing new of my own to share tonight. A lot of creative Work will get done during this turning of the year—which is also distraction from daily news, though I don’t avoid reading for long.