Thursday, November 23, 2023

heading toward a star

Better lives design their futures relative to appealing ways of under-
standing, in light of which pasts are given significant meaning.

So, I’ve named my long listing of diary-ish, personal postings of recent years “designing and remembrance,” not that there’s direct focus on the above theme. See the “preface” there.

The temporality of better lives is oriented by appealing purposes (emergent futurity) much more than by traditional orientation, though precedents are important!—important for securing futures authentically.

Being well is a matter of balancing futurity and precedent, of course. But flourishing relative to open, emergent futures is more promising than conformance with beginnings.

In particular, youth individuates, not like fated seeds sprouting, but as curious, exploring, adaptive, singular mind making one’s ownmost way (“To head toward a star—this only,” Heidegger, “The Thinker as Poet,” 1946, Poetry, Language, Thought), perhaps becoming unprecedented life, maybe exemplary, maybe original, even maybe lasting for heirs’ remembrance.