Friday, June 02, 2023

spring 2023

I expect to post a lot this coming week, by Tuesday, June 6.

May 19

I’m really close to having lots of new discussions to share frequently: I’ve settled on 38 topical entrances (focal concepts or conceptual rubrics) for developing online hundreds of pages of discussion (prospecting, analysis, expansive audacity, pragmatic thinking, fun) over the coming year (or two...or three...).

I won’t introduce all of the 38 proximal tips of icebergs at once, but each will gravitate toward the same integrative, academically evidenced conception of wholly flourishing humanity, relative to contemporary, well-known issues, which my hundreds of pages of notes offline address.

Also, there will be more improvisations like I’ve done in recent years. Yet, the 38 paths—which are highly horizonal (like mountain tops with gradual clearings, not to be pretentious here)—are parts of a singular, polymathic, interdomainal Project which is formally tenable.

May 5: alien cliché

Immersive week, wonderful realizations, elaborate notes. Excuse me for not wanting to say more tonight.