Friday, April 14, 2023

night note

I don’t forget that We all ultimately belong together as Earthlings somehow Of the cosmos.

But, conceptualizing that “Of” is ultimately challenging—yet not fundamentally meta-physical. The miracle is Us: capability of minds is the wondrouns mystery.

I did a posting today at one of my Facebook accounts which introduces
a posting at one of my blogs (linked at the bottom):
Ultimate truth isn't about the cosmos. It's about intelligent life (which has evolved in the cosmos) advancing Our conceivability, i.e., evolving Itself.

Along the way, We're learning to conceive Our genesis satisfactorily, which began as meta-physics.

But the essence of that is mathematical, which is standardly understood conceptually through calculative models.

That modeling expresses one mode of conceptuality evolving. But intelligence itself is a psychological (psychoconceptual) emergence from biology, but whose “nature” is post-biological. (Mind is irreducible to neuro- genesis.)

The essence of truth is conceptual, and evolving.