Monday, February 07, 2022

Another writer wants realism
about humanity now

“What’s the better (‘best’?) cohering potpourri of this month’s leading ephemera?”

It’s anyone’s guess. Sensibility progresses—and finds progress in contemporaneity—by articulate responsiveness to news, shaping
new projects, new themes, new regions of thematics, as times call for. 

Any journalistically-centered sense of leading reality is ultimately pragmatic. A locus of humanity’s leading Conversation is ultimately fiction (maybe surviving an appeal that labels it “Literary”—or literairy).

He thought, if he read as much news as possible, he’d “eventually, truly understand the way things are—as if all the relevant factors turn up eventually, via one story or another, for a given topic. All the relevances turn up, needing only insightful integration.”

But that doesn’t make things predictable.

“Maybe conceptual venturing gains realistic warrant.”


We cherish times that end too soon and suffer times that seem endless.

We make The Point: Of wanting better life (better being, thus better being)—then better humanity? 

Any minute, another life is gone, maybe leaving a memorable mark
in some other generation’s selective retrospectivity about how Our becoming became openly not knowing how heirs would advance
(or remember to pay forward, too).

There’s no theory of Our evolving that captures a Telos, because
We are ultimately Open ended, as if Endless. 

Inquiring minds aim to design futures. The artful species ultimately coheres Itself, its Self, like gods of conceiving authors, gods always mirroring one’s subjection to revision. 

In other words, everybody’s got a story.