Friday, November 20, 2020


I “never” forget an update date (upper right of this page), but I forgot Nov. 14. I want to get beyond political addictions, but the times have overtaken me. And now, I have nothing ready for Saturday. I’m aiming for Monday, Nov. 23.

Nov. 7

I anticipated today’s declaration that Biden won, when I wrote “advancing intelligent life with humanity, leadership, and pragmatism.”

Recent stressing about the electoral season has been merged into
a posting, “political interest as discursive fieldwork.”

I now want to leave political interests behind for awhile—yet, I don’t.
I have some political work I want to gain near-term closure (the Work itself gains what I thereby gain); then I want to do non-politically creative things.

Oct. 30

The electoral season is driving me nuts. The best I can say is that the body of the homepage is updated beyond the past week, and I’m making good progress with notes that aren’t part of anything online yet. Sorry I don’t have more to share.

Oct. 24

I drew into a cohering whole—more gardening—creative themes and links to narratives online from the past year or so, but felt conflicted by my continuing addiction to the political season, as if a few days of respite from being a news junkie required a return to it all.

I don’t know what I’ll make of the next couple of weeks. Whatever. Freedom’s just another word for everything in play.

Oct. 16

Prospecting a credible sense of political virtue (below) implicitly counters Chinese academic interest in formulating a conception of “political meritocracy” that is supposedly necessary to counter American politics. But my main motivation is relative to the current Democratic season itself, though in general terms that suit my larger-scale designs.

The next week or so will be engaged with things as non-political as possible. I’m worn out by trying to at once track and understand the current political season while doing something democratically political that forgets about incompetent Trumpism, which I’m so happy to see dying.

Sept. 26

Three projects have been noted since the last update. I’m happy that progress is going well.

The “American humanity” posting is implicitly a background preface for the project on democracy that “‘the soul of America’” is part of. The “humanity…” project backgrounds “‘the soul of America’” page, but isn’t part of the democracy project.

The “humanity…” project will be more pertinent to upcoming non-political creative work. Yet, the political point pertains to the cultural basis of social interests which political life serves.