Monday, April 20, 2020

for wholly flourishing

The streets around campus are quiet because few cars pass by. But some students are still living in their fraternity houses—and need to escape their sheltering by a party outside. Since they like to blast music into the street, eerie results can sometimes happen: no blast, rather a heartfelt song soundtracking the day, as if the sky is a dome embracing our belonging together.

Saturday was “One World: Together at Home.” Sunday, I imagined Taylor Swift’s solo performance of “Soon You’ll Get Better” filling
the outside air.

Beyond healing that you’ll inevitably live, there’ll then be your chances again to get better and better at living your loves.

You’ll play into horizons that sometimes become edges you are to avoid. Yet, falling just means you are to stand again to play on, because you have to fly.

Play to a sky, across land inviting you through inspiration feeling divine—though mortality is real.

Sky, Earth, Divinity, and Mortality—that was the poetic holism Heidegger loved in late life: outerworldliness of earth and sky, innerworldliness of inspiration and finitude—heights of horizons (sky) and transcendence (divine feeling), grounds of landscape (earth) and life (mortality). Inner/outer, higher/lower: a simple model of holistic minding.

“I am life at every minute.”

Yes. And you’re textures. You’re an entry into better light.

“I’m a celebration of many sights.”

You’re reason for the ages.

Being old becomes more and more like being young: Each day
is another gift.

So, an old child may feel thankful to be mirrored in your flowering.