Friday, December 06, 2019

woods note

I tire of keeping up with news rather rigorously, but it’s necessary for the projects that are served (still offline).

And so many notes to organize, week to week. (I make notes every day, sometimes every few minutes: in the middle of doing something else; or in a little notebook that’s always with me when I walk the streets.) I can’t give lots of time to updating (though there’s a decent update this week).

The bibliography ahead of me has been years in distillation from hundreds of “primary” books among thousands in storage. So, there’s
a mere tens of them “now” (for upcoming seasons).

New “primary” books emerge in the market inevitably (though few become part of the “tens”)

Maybe my ordered sequencing (schedule for textual intimacy) makes some kind of odd verse:

Why Worry About Future Generations?

Varieties of Presence
Articulating the World
The Conceptual Mind
Beyond Concepts
Naturalism, Realism & Normativity
How mathematicians think

“Hierarchies of creative domans”

a group of books on the nature of mind

On Literature
The Daemon Knows

a group on the nature of Self
a group on conceptual literary studies

On Literary Worlds

a group on aesthetic mind

Lover's discourse
Words of selves
Signature Derrida
Significant others
Erotic faculties
Divine madness

a group on cultural evolutionarity

(And each book above [in italics] names a small subgroup of directly supplementary books or articles or notes for continuation of The Project currently.)

I did another confessional blog posting tonight, too quickly, being unfair to a lost intimacy that still haunts me years later.