Saturday, December 08, 2018

saturdaynotes, 9/29—12/8

I’ve begun actually writing the new cycle of web work for But I’m in the middle of merely-prefacial narrative that I don’t want to upload until I write myself out of that, by the middle of next week, I expect (as I am actively progressing, section by section, day by day).

So, my next update note will be a week from now, not a month. And I hope that all updates afterward will be weekly, or bi-weekly at worst.

What I’m on the way to doing is nothing like the posting this week that the one below, “extraterrestrial love…,” links to, which is fantastical (and obtuse at points?). I loved doing it.

I’ll get to many exotic topics (already well mapped in notes—hundreds of pages of notes); but not soon. Near term, I have developmental work to share, which will gradually merge into discussions of others’ academic stuff, and the exotica.

November 24

I need to let my update today stand for “failure” here. It’s quoted at the bottom of this update note (since I’m keeping this “saturdaynote” beyond November). I have too much work to do—and too much enjoyment of writing offline (not worrying about making sense for others) to “talk” about it now.
I noted Oct. 27: “I’m close to starting a new cycle of regular work online, but I’m not there yet.” 

But today, I’m facing a platform upgrade from hell, in terms of software versions that don’t work anymore. You don’t want details.

Then, there’s the upcoming month-and-a-half of students out of town, and relative quiet in my neighborhood (near campus) that’s so good for uninterrupted writing (offline: the character of the past few, very fruitful months). So, I want to stay in my happy introversion.

October 27

I could have declared provisional closure on my organization of my mass of notes from the past year, but I decided to merge into the “Cycle 4” process notes from the past four years that were spread around several other projects which have now disappeared into the merging.

I’ve had lots of chances for email contacts, which is more satisfying than posting online to whomever. And there has been too much commenting at the NYTimes and other sites—“too much” because that inhibits my rate of progress with the main project.

But I’m happy.

September 29

The Work’s going well.

“You say.”

No, really. But giving a brief update wouldn’t make sense, while substantive update would be regressive relative to the degree of the ongoing work.

“You say.”

For example, what should Elizabeth Murray say to a faraway friend who wants some description of “Painter's Progress”?


Precisely: Consider the life.