Saturday, August 04, 2018

saturdaynotes, 9/29—12/8

I’m too occupied to do an update beyond the August 4 update. Sorry.

But that update links to a new posting on Habermas.

In the future, I’m going to note all new material at Twitter, as well as here. That includes blog postings elsewhere that I also indicate here. Separately, I’m going to note all new material at my other Twitter account.

July 7

I’m trudging through a very tedious stage of Project development: routing hundreds of article URLs and PDFs (over a thousand, maybe over two thousand) into folders for eight blogs, 20 parts of the main Project (“Cycle 4“), over 30 topics for the upcoming “being in Time” Area of, and routings into project areas that I’ve never discussed here.

Also, I continue to amass improvisational notes during all of that, i.e., I write, therefore I am; and do comments at article pages on the NYTimes site, PBS News Hour, etc., do some email, sustain healthy living, manage chores, stream some good movies, catch excellent shows on PBS, and even sleep enough.

Aren’t you glad to know.

Oh, yes: “interview silences,” June 25; and “Good behavior isn’t yet worthwhile action,” June 30.

So, an artistry of living into the Work is flourishing.