Sunday, May 27, 2018


May 26: “...I’ll do something non-trivial.”
Done: the May 27 posting below: “intimations.”

I reneged on my June 2 promise to do a substantive update at
“I’m doing intensive work. I don’t want to explain.” Ditto here.

But I never know in advance when I’ll feel like sharing something before the next promised update.

May 26

Astute reasoning and ‘fake news’” is finished. But I’m too tired to do a proper update here, which I want to be about upcoming plans, not that finished thing. So, later today—by mid-Sunday at worst—I’ll do something non-trivial.

May 19

The “feeling for story…” posting below is a subsection of the project,
§ 3.c.

I began just wanting to write a commentary on a NYTimes article, but the process underwent mitosis. What was begun Monday, May 7, with intention to be finished the following Wednesday, got shifted back to Thursday, then to Sunday; then, Wednesday…

I’m tired of it all. I want to get back to more-creative stuff. But I also need to follow through, so I can use results later. Besides, “being in Time” now is so mediated by hyperNet City.