Saturday, September 24, 2016

among squirrels

One can wander around crazy on campus and feel confident that others would presume that the wandering one is in some high revery
(if they notice at all).

Fortunately, in my case, they’d be correct (though Berkeley has more than its urban share of crazies wandering the streets, you know).
My common standing in woods, lost in high boughs, is rich.

However, I don’t care what others think.

I do care for what I think. “Absent-minded” revery is at worst merely oblivious to tangible surrounds—inasmuch as it is oblivious.

One must not forget that one is embodied, and the surround can trip
one up (down, whatever).

In psychal tripping, too, there may be a fall.

Importantly, though, a surround may be full of phenomenal catalysts.

But are we mammals not ultimately like the squirrels?: “There’s some-
thing interesting!...No, well, maybe there—yes! Eat it. No: no need of that now. Archive it....Something else!” She stands on her hind legs to
get a high-level view. “Never mind,” back to exploring, archiving, scampering away from pretentious others. Eating, archiving, chasing cohorts, excluding competitors,..No, wait. Go! Stop, stand, peruse, go on. “I can’t go on. I go on.” Explore, eat, archive, going on....I’m never absent minded.

I love the days! Any writer knows that reading time (as well as reading one’s times) is integral to emergent insight. It’s the way of the woods. So, I’ll ascend again.

My promise to do an update note at the other site for today caused me grief, Thursday through last night. I didn’t want to break away from other things. I didn’t want to explicate my intense commitment that steered me away from explicating my intense commitment.

But I met the challenge in its own terms: “the last apology for trivial update notes.”

I wanted to write you, but needed to do the other first. Now, I’ll need more time to return here well.

Here’s to flying!